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I'm Anjani, a young aspiring home chef. I've always loved to cook and experiment with recipes. For the past year, I have driven myself into a healthier lifestyle by healthy eating with the occasional 'cheat days'. This has helped me mentally and physically and I wanted to share my passion for healthy cooking through this website. I hope you enjoy all of the Vegan, Vegetarian, and Keto Recipies.

Food Posts

"I’ve cooked a couple of Anj's recipes at home and I’ve had nothing but great feedback from both family/ friends. The Fancy Chef has a thriving passion for cooking and she puts nothing but pure love in her food and with her followers"

Nik G

"I've used your Instagram page during the lockdown and I have recreated the healthy delicious recipes you have shared! Absolutely love each one!"

Rita K

“The Fancy Chef is amazing! Her recipes are so good! One of my favourites has to be the Vegan Katsu Curry! So delicious! Her photos really make you hungry”

Yusra A

"I was lucky enough to try Anj's cooking and it is DELICIOUS, healthy and it was vegetarian. I normally love meat but trying her food has made me explore more veggie options."

Ria U

"Anjani (The Fancy Chef) has an impressive ability to capture stunning shots with beautifully presented food. Her recipes take a healthy and vibrant look, taste and most certainly are creative"

Zynab S


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You can contact me for any enquires, collaborations and advice via my website. 


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