My family loves Middle Eastern Food especially couscous as it is packed with flavours & quick and easy to make! Don’t you just love a quick and easy dish?  I know I do! I made this dish within 20 minutes & it serves up to 6 people! Couscous is my easy staple when I am in a rush to cook dinner or even lunch. It’s super diverse and only needs hot water or stock to make it. This tastes just as good cold as it does hot making it a truly versatile dish.



6 garlic cloves

3 onions

6 tomatoes

2 chillies

1 veggie stock

1 TSP All Seasoning Powder

150g couscous (cook according to the packet)

1 TSP Salt

1/2 TSP Pepper

3 TBSP Dried Parsley

A handful of Fresh Parsley

3 larger peppers (grill)

1 TBSP Paprika

1 TBSP Chilli powder

1TBSP Coriander powder

2 tbsp oil

3TBSP Lemon Juice



1) Cook the couscous according to the packet (each packet has a specific way of cooking) but fancy it up by adding 1 veggie stock cube in and add all seasoning powder.

2) Take your peppers and roast them for a while till slightly burnt. I placed my peppers on the gas stove and kept turning it ( you can also do this in a grill)

3) In another pot add your oil, garlic, chillis and half of the diced onions. Sautee this for 2 minutes.

4) Add the chilli powder, paprika, coriander powder, salt, pepper and dried parsley and MIX.

5) Dice the grilled peppers and add them to the pot and mix in.

6) Add your cooked couscous, rest of the onions, fresh parsley and lemon juice. Mix this together and then cook this for further 2 minutes on low heat.

7) Turn off the stove and add in fresh parsley and diced tomatoes.

Enjoy this Dish with Tabouleh (a Lebanese Salad) the salad is tangy and refreshing! I will. post that recipe soon.